Class 8 Positron Shields - Adv. Aegis ClassEdit


Advanced Aegis Class Positron Shields are commonly found for sale in the Edge Worlds. The first opportunity to purchase an Advanced Aegis Shield is after the story mode is complete.

  • Adv. Aegis Fr. Shield
    • Ship Type: Freighter
    • Capacity: 5,170
    • Regeneration Rate: 114
    • Price: $139,200
  • Adv. Aegis H.F. Shield
    • Ship Type: Heavy Fighter
    • Capacity: 4,420
    • Regeneration Rate: 98
    • Price: $118,380
  • Adv. Aegis L.F. Shield
    • Ship Type: Light Fighter
    • Capacity: 4,050
    • Regeneration Rate: 90
    • Price: $109,610

Bases Selling Advanced Aegis Class Positron ShieldsEdit

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