Class 4 Positron Shields - Adv. Cuisse ClassEdit


Advanced Cuisse Class Positron Shields are commonly found for sale in Bretonia space. The first opportunity to purchase an Advanced Cuisse Shield is from Freeport 4 in the Magellan system.

  • Adv. Cuisse Fr. Shield
    • Ship Type: Freighter
    • Capacity: 1,470
    • Regeneration Rate: 32
    • Price: $9,420
  • Adv. Cuisse H.F. Shield
    • Ship Type: Heavy Fighter
    • Capacity: 1,260
    • Regeneration Rate: 28
    • Price: $8,010
  • Adv. Cuisse L.F. Shield
    • Ship Type: Light Fighter
    • Capacity: 1,150
    • Regeneration Rate: 25
    • Price: $7,420

Bases Selling Advanced Cuisse Class Positron ShieldsEdit

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