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Class 6 Graviton Shields - Advanced Sentinel ClassEdit


Advanced Sentinel Class Graviton Shields are commonly found for sale in Kusari space. The first opportunity to upgrade to the Advanced Sentinel Class can be found on Kyoto Base during the story mode; these are also the most powerful shields you can acquire during the story mode.

Adv. Sentinel Fr. ShieldEdit

  • Ship Type: Freighter
  • Capacity: 3,677
  • Regeneration Rate: 81
  • Price: $36,310

Adv. Sentinel H.F. ShieldEdit

  • Ship Type: Heavy Fighter
  • Capacity: 3,143
  • Regeneration Rate: 69
  • Price: $30,880

Adv. Sentinel L.F. ShieldEdit

  • Ship Type: Light Fighter
  • Capacity: 2,884
  • Regeneration Rate: 64
  • Price: $28,590

Bases Selling Advanced Sentinel Class Graviton ShieldsEdit

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