This file has been retrieved from the Bounty Hunters Guild Offices at Deshima Station

LOG ENTRY 372: "A Lucky Charm or Not?"

" Well, I've been flying around the Edge Worlds for some time, and now I have enough credits to refit my ship's energy systems to higher, more sophisticated levels. I would do that...if the standard-issue componets in question weren't bolted to the floor. So instead I paid a visit to Orbital's Luxury Liner Hawaii in Sigma-19. I needed a nice long rest, and since the liner is the most famous resort in Sirius, I plotted a course for Sigma-19 without hesitation."

"Sigma-19 is well known for its natural beauty, and this is what led Orbital Spa and Cruise to set up shop here. I occasionally stop in the system while on my way to Kusari or the Edge Worlds, taking a job or two from Orbital or the GMG. But this time I wasn't here for a job. I paid for the ticket before landing on the Hawaii, a real pretty penny it was! I wasn't surprised by what awaited me there. There were gift shops and various stores that had at least one shelf of artifacts in their inventory. The most infamous attraction on the Hawaii was that, due to being outside of legal space, the shops carried alien artifacts. The trinkets were not only sold as valuable souvenirs, but they were also part of a smuggling ring run by the Corsairs and the Hogosha. Now I didn't have a problem with the Hogosha, since they werent true criminals, despite their ties to the Corsairs. But I had to control myself around the ruthless Edge World pirates. It was difficult for me to walk past one of my worst enemies without plugging his head with my trusty Shredder.

"Anyway, on the last day of my stay on the Hawaii, I decided to buy a souvenir from one of the many gift shops. I picked out an artifact from one of the many. This one seemed different from the rest, and seemed have a soft glow like moonlight. I checked it out and then made my way to my ship, artifact in hand. I then set course for the Sigma-13 Jump Hole in the nearby Crow Nebula cloud. After entering the Jump Hole, I decided to get some shut-eye. I set the artifact on a nightstand and laid down for a nap. All of the lights went out..."

"Except for one, softly glowing light..."

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