This file has been retrieved from the Bounty Hunters Guild Offices at Deshima Station

LOG ENTRY 312: "Have I gone soft?"


"'Know Thy Enemy', one of the oldest phrases of warfare, and one of the most crucial. If you know your enemy like you know yourself, you have made the first and most critical step towards victory. We of the Bounty Hunters Guild know the criminal underground as if it were our own backyard, that includes their tactics and escape routes (IE, the Jump Holes). But as I have studied my enemies, I can't help but feel sorry for some of them..."

"Now don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm going rogue or anything, it's just that some of these criminals have good points, albeit slightly radical in their methods. Take the LWB, for example. They're fighting for the welfare of the world of Stuttgart, whose environment, natural and political, has changed for the worse ever since Rheinland conceded the world to Synth Foods."

"And what about the Unioners and Red Hessians? They had taken the short end of the stick in the darker days of Rheinland, and they had all suffered from the wrongdoings of Republican and Daumann."

"Of course, I have yet to see a pirate or terrorist faction born from Bretonia Mining and Metals. From what I hear, they drive their workers into the ground, and then give pay cuts when they finally collapse from exhaustion. It's probably the IMG that's keeping New London from being razed by disgruntled BMM workers. While BMM has some of the worst work policies in Sirius, at least there's an alternative."
"Now on to Kusari, cause there's nothing worth mentioning in Liberty. There are actually TWO halves in the Kusari underground, one that's against the government and one that is supported by the government (to a degree). On the pro-Kusari side we find the Farmers Alliance and the Hogosha. The Alliance is like the LWB, but instead they are a political party that is lobbying for control of the Kusari Food Market, and is against foreign food in Kusari, like Synth Foods. The Hogosha is like what the Mafia was in Italy and New York back on Earth, but with a Japanese flavor. The Hogosha is supported by the government to keep the Kusari way. However, these organizations can be traced back to Samura, who are fighting to stay in charge of the Keiretsu.

"Now the true Kusari pirates, the Blood Dragons and the Golden Crysanthemums, are fighting to overthrow the current Kusari government. The Dragons plan to take over the Samura-backed shogunate alltogether, while the GC wish to reinstate a matriarchy in Kusari and to promote womens' rights."

"Now I've pretty much burned a good deal of memory in just one log entry, and this page is full to bursting, so I'll just go now."

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