Freeport 7

shape of a base similar to the trading_outpost shape with additions

The game "Freelancer" contains many "Bases". Per definition every kind of space object you can dock with which takes the player to a script based room is considered a base, no matter if it is a docking ring with a planet, a prison, a shipping platform, a station, shipyard, or battleship. Some mods even have lone mooring fixtures and jumpholes which lead the player to a base once he docks with the object. The object itself is not considered a base but the constellation of base templates and rooms, no matter how they look. A main sign of the player being on a base is that the maneuver bar contains none of the maneuver symbols, but room and operation symbols only. In addition all of the southern hud is invisible as the ship's shape is just a visual, and loses all of its stats while on a base.

Bases are defined to be in ownership of an NPC faction but in first line to be present at all times and to be dockable as well, if the reputation with the faction is good or not too hostile. Any mission created solar shapes (i.e. the docking ring for Planet Sprague) are not bases but simple satellites who are objects of termination, even if they look like bases. Also the Battleship Osiris is not a base, as its appearance in space is defined in the mission script rather than the system itself which results in its disappearance after the plot and in multiplayer. For comparison: The planet Toledo is actually a base, as it is still in space before and after the plot and it is still dockable. It is not reachable however, because the system is cut off from the universe the player is placed in at the beginning and end of the plot as well as in multiplayer. The Freelancer game shows up to five rooms within a base. Generally the number of rooms is limited only by the maximum number of symbols placeable on the top navigation bar. It is not necessary for all rooms to have different behavior. For example there could be a base with three different or similar bar rooms, or even a base with lots of room switch icons all leading to the same room. In a base such as a battleship or station, each time you recognize a simple camera switch your ship remains in the same place. The room changes to a virtual room while the very same room script is in use. In each room there must be a switch button defined, not in the base itself. It is possible for a base to exist where you need to go through dozens of rooms before you reach your destination room, say, the commodity trader. In the Vanilla Freelancer server mod most of the bases, except for planet Toledo and possibly some others, have identical numbers of room switch buttons in their navigation bar definition.

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