Baxter Research Station is a base in Omega 3 that the player gets to visit once only during Mission 5, where it is the scene of a brief cut-scene where Doctor Sinclair takes the time to further introduce herself. After fleeing the destruction of the doctor's dig site on Planet Sprague, Trent, Juni and Sinclair escape a flight of three Rheinland gunboats and several Valkyrie fighters by flying into the ice clouds and landing on Baxter. After a couple of minutes of conversation, the Rheinlanders catch up and attack the base, forcing our heroes to flee.

Opportunity to Reload and RearmEdit

While there are no people to talk to in the bar or news to read, and no Commodities trader to sell your goods to, Baxter does serve a purpose other than a place for characters to strut around and talk before being attacked again. Baxter is, in fact, equipped with a fully stocked repair bay, complete with a Robot arms dealer. This bay sells Liberty military weapons, though since the player doesn't reach Level 10 until after the mission is completed, no Class 5 weapons can be purchased.

Single Player PlotEdit

Baxter Research Station Map Location

Baxter Research Station, approximate location

Baxter does not appear before the player accepts Mission 5 from Juni on Planet Cambridge, and is destroyed before the mission's end. It sits near a glowing ball of light in an open area in the ice field near Freeport 1 in Omega 3. This map shows the approximate location of Baxter Research Station in Omega 3:

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  • Seeker Mine
  • Wardog Mine
  • Razor Mine
  • Tadpole Mine

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