Benford Research Station

Bedford Research Station was a largely automated facility tasked with studying the gravitational anomalies found in the Badlands. Dr. Hermann Van Pelt was the project’s lead researcher. It collaborated with Ithaca Research Station on most of the work.

The two stations were studying anomalies in The Badlands, originally in the hopes of finding new fuel for Liberty, before an accident happened which led to them both being abandoned. Dr. Van Pelt stayed on the station to do his own research into the anomalies. With the growth of the Gas Miners Guild and their production of H-Fuel, the project was never restarted and the stations were nearly forgotten.

The station was destroyed by a Liberty Navy task force in 800 A.S. because Edison Trent and Jun'ko Zane used it as a hiding place when they first were hunted by the government. Van Pelt was a longtime friend of Jun'ko and welcomed them to hide, but later died on the station providing covering fire for Trent and Juni's escape.

Benford Destruction

[Destruction by Liberty Navy Cruiser]

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