• Hektve87


    February 29, 2016 by Hektve87

    link title

    --Hektve87 (talk) 09:24, February 29, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Wadelily

    There are certain documents that should never be edited. The Declaration of Independence, for instance, or the words on a marriage license. And it would be confusing and frustrating if your rental agreement changed or the department of transportation was constantly editing the speed limit for your road.

    Marketing plans are meant to be changed

    Of the documents not meant to be edited, however, your annual marketing plan shouldn’t be one of them. By all means, create a plan, but call it a draft and accept that the best plans are in constant flux based on changing consumer preferences, new technologies, and the effectiveness of various ad campaigns.

    You can’t predict everything

    Committing yourself to following a plan written months ago based on 8-…

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  • SidewinderFang

    Mission 7

    April 16, 2013 by SidewinderFang

    There's one thing I'd like to know about Mission 7, and it is why the Battleship York, idly stationed around Planet Waterford in the Leeds system, does not do so much as budge even when Rheinland ships launch a bloody assault on  Stokes Mining Station and the area between Glasgow Outpost and the Tau-31 system Jump Gate? For crying out loud, it's ideally stationed practically right in between the two sites that get attacked. Is this just because the battleships Bretonia uses are nowhere near as mobile as the Rheinland Battleship, the Rheinland Cruiser, the Liberty Cruiser or the Liberty Dreadnought, all of which have been shown to be somewhat mobile throughout the Single Player Plot? And when Tobias mentions "The Bretonian military has been…

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  • Perttu.antikainen


    July 8, 2012 by Perttu.antikainen
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  • AddyCWebs


    June 30, 2012 by AddyCWebs

    Hello wiki community!

    I am glad to see some work is done. I want to apologise for not being present this year, due to an important exam. I see that you guys are keeping the information fresh. Tomorrow I'll work on infoboxes for Ships, Bases, Planets and Factions. This way the wiki will look more organised. Check back tomorrow to see the progress.

    Also, please use this blog post to express your opinions about the design and to keep me up to date with more things to be done! Thank you!

    P.S. From tomorrow we will have wikiprojects!

    See you around, AddyCWebs|Talk@ADMIN 15:09, June 30, 2012 (UTC)

    • Template:Base
    • Template:Planet
    • Template:Ship

    """""""""""""" - 25% complete

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  • Dalek955

    Ever notice how the Freelancer factions' described mentalities fit with the characteristics of their weapons? I hadn't noticed until my brother got me thinking about faction weapons, but the more you see the more obvious it is.

    • Zoners' laser weapons fire slowly but have a strong range advantage, as befits a utilitarian faction who just wants to keep trouble at arm's length.
    • The Liberty Rogues, whose enthusiasm exceeds their skill or foresight, use fast-firing lasers that deliver extra damage but wastefully consume power.
    • The fiercely defensive GMG uses powerful photon blasters optimized to cause the most damage in the shortest time, at relatively close range. The names of their weapons, like Skyblast and Sunblast, sound like the sky itself is…
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  • Tarmustdie

    OK, me hearties, the bases have all been installed in the various Systems, yarr! Now, the styles don't all match up, and some of the bases may not list equipment the same, or list all equipment (a number of bases don't show what thrusters or countermeasure droppers are for sale, for instance)... BUT... at last, it's in there!

    What is now mostly missing is a lot of detail stuff for equipment and flavor text/rumors/news from the various bases and factions. Many of the bases where I have gathered rumors don't show all available rumors, as my character wasn't necessarily friendly with all the factions present on the bases I was visiting. There is still a lot of room for discussion of various piloting styles, tips, tricks, reputation grinding…

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  • Tarmustdie

    Silly Idea

    May 22, 2012 by Tarmustdie

    Since I've been gathering all these news tidbits from the various bases and factions and whatnot, would it be possible or desireable to have these randomly show up on the front page of the Wiki when people visit? Each time you visit the front page, there'd be a different article up, each with different links to bases and factions and such.


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  • Tarmustdie

    To Do List: Bases

    May 17, 2012 by Tarmustdie

    OK! After some effort, I've added or updated bases in all of the Liberty, Bretonia, and Kusari systems, plus the Independent Worlds. Each of the bases in these systems now generally has linked equipment and other good basic info for starters. A lot of it hasn't yet been populated with rumors, news, or other flavor text, and doubtless there are some modifications that need to be made, but the major effort in these areas has been taken care of.

    Right now, I'm focusing on the Rheinland systems, Border Worlds systems, and Edge Worlds systems. All in all, we're looking at adding twenty six (26) new base pages that don't yet exist, and another thirty-five (35) bases to modify or flesh out, with most of the work to be done in Rheinland (Rheinl…

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  • Tarmustdie

    OK all I've been thinking...

    We've got a ridiculous number of pages for weapons etc... there's one for each level of the Justice class, for instance. Makes it a pain to link 'em all when you're adding the items to the bases, that's for certain.

    When I did the Shields entries last time, I did it by type (Graviton, Positron, Molecular) as well as by class (Sentry, Adv. Sentry, Guardian, etc). Therefore you can go to the Graviton Shields page and look up each type of shield if you want (and where they are sold). Missiles were even simpler: I divided up the missiles into three "Families" (Eraser, Javelin & Stalker). So three pages handle all missile entries (except for cruise disruptors and torpedoes).

    What I'm thinking is that we might want …

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  • Dalek955

    How to Fill a Page

    May 2, 2012 by Dalek955

    The following are, in my opinion, the things that all of these types of pages should have. Of course, all of this should be well link-ified. Bear this in mind if you make a new page or find a deficient one.

    • Description (just copypaste the Neural Net description)
    • Owner and system location
    • Commodities Buying
    • Commodities Selling
    • Bribes*
    • Ships for Sale
    • Equipment for Sale
    • Optional: picture of the object or its skyline, rumors, news, object stats
    • Category: Bases
    • Protip: Once you add a page on a base, do a quick search for its name and add a link on any other pages that mention it.

    • Description
    • Best Buy/Sell (top five, only one legitimate and one criminal per system)*
    • Places to loot (and who from)**
    • Places to mine (if naturally occurring)**
    • Protip: No Wikipedia …

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  • Tarmustdie

    OK - If anyone notices the fact that I'm spending several hours a week on this puppy, here's a rant that'll explain it all.

    Longtime player; never multiplayed, didn't have the connection then and since I've avoided MMO's, as they consume my soul. Freelancer, however, with its active mod community, keeps me refreshed. I've always loved pilot sims and this one, while specious in its depiction of how objects move in space (a cursory physics background and some thinking on the concept of thrusters on ships and missiles, as well as the distances actual space combat would occur at) still keeps me interested, and draws me back. There's lots of sides, plenty of systems, an interesting background political structure, plenty of ships to blow up, a…

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  • Tarmustdie

    My Freelancer Wishlist

    October 5, 2009 by Tarmustdie

    OK. Disclaimers up front:

    I am a shameless Freelancer addict. Got hooked about five years ago and have swung back into the Sirius Sector several times since, usually for at least a month or two, until I get distracted by some new shiny toy. I also recognize that programming a game like this takes a hell of a lot of time and effort and people, and they probably were under pressure to shove this puppy out the door. Still, here's a few thoughts for what Microsoft/Digital Anvil/whathaveyou might want to consider for the next game... if there is a next game.

    More consideration of the Single Player Endgame/Multiplayer High End Gaming.

    Let's face it... after you've reached level 38, have explored all the bases, made a few friends, a few enemies,…

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