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The Border Worlds are comprised by the systems on the borders between House systems. These systems are clustered into three zones: Sigma, Tau, and Omega. The Sigma systems comprise the border between Kusari and Rheinland space. The Tau systems comprise the border between Bretonia and Kusari space. The Omega systems comprise the border between Rheinland and Bretonia space. The Sigma systems, in particular, contain the wreckage of battles between Kusari and Rheinland.

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LIBERTY MEDIATES BW TALKS: Negotiations slowed to a crawl yesterday as delegates from Kusari and Rheinland heatedly debated acquisitions in the Border Worlds. Kusari had proposed a "full disclosure" initiative, which was protested and then effectively blocked by Rheinland. Recent territorial disputes in the Border Worlds, largely driven by the discovery of a wealth of new resources and Artifacts, have sparked these talks between the colonies, with Liberty acting as mediator. However, with the delegates now polarized over this issue, it is unclear how effective these talks will be.

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