The Borderworld Series Z Sabre Very Heavy Fighter is the best fighter in the Borderworld ships lineup. It is also the fighter that boasts the maximum amount of forward firepower.


Sabre VHF Leeds

Sabre VHF on Planet Leeds.

Original EntryEdit

As commerce and some economic freedoms began to flood the Border Worlds, so did greater access to technology and the need for change. The "Z" is the fruit of Border World ingenuity and pure capitalism coalesced into one lethal embodiment. This ship boasts enormous power capacity as well as extreme defensive capability.


This is the only Level 10 VHF with a forward-firing turret. This gives the Sabre essentially 7 guns when dogfighting, the most available on any player-flyable ship.

While it has better armor and more offensive firepower than the CTE-6000 Eagle, it is not as manouverable. The Sabre has the least weight of the VHF-s. With the latter fact combined with a greater strafe rate, the Sabre has the fastest acceleration and side thrusting abilities. However, its turning speed is relatively low and is surpassed by the Eagle. This makes it less desireable for multiplayer games when the player wishes to fight other human players. However, if the player wishes to fight only NPCs in either single or multiplayer games, it is arguably the best ship in the game.

However, the Sabre is also one of the most difficult ships to find, let alone purchase in the whole Sirius Sector. It is extremely expensive, and is only manufactured on the Outcast home planet of Malta, in the Omicron Alpha system, and the Red Hessian base Vogtland in the Dresden system. The appropriate Jump Holes are hard to find, and so is grinding a good enough rep with the appropriate faction.

It is recommended that the ship be bought from the Red Hessians, since their base is easier to find and befriending them doesn't make you quite so many enemies. Once you have a Friendly reputation with the faction of your choice, you can track down the base by going to the appropriate system and viewing patrol routes on your map; the base should be where the green routes converge.