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Boron is an essential element in a number of industrial processes. In its fibrous form, Boron filaments are used as a stiffener in the creation of Ship Hull Panels, lending them unparalleled structural integrity. An isotope of Boron, Boron-10, is use for control rods in the nuclear reactors that power large ships, stations and planetside bases.

Discoveries of boron revitalized the Planet Pittsburgh.

STORY NOTE: This is the substance that, in the backstory, Trent was going to get rich by selling a load of to Samura Industries. His plans, and the Boron itself, were obliterated when the Nomads destroyed Freeport 7 while he was making the sale.

TRADE NOTE: Despite being a mined material, Boron is collected entirely from planetside mines and cannot be mined by the player.

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