The Borroco Turret is one of the nastier Class 6 Weapons, stripping shields from ships with ease. However, it does little in the way of hull damage. As the player is unlikely to be using Class 6 Weapons for long after the Single Player Plot is completed, it is unlikely the player will use one unless the player is reasonably friendly with the Corsairs.

The Borroco Turret costs $14,300 credits, and is only available for purchase at Level 16.

Class Faction Name Hull Shield Energy RoF Speed Effcncy DPS
6 Corsairs Borroco Turret 13.2 395.3 31.62 4 700 12.5 1,581.2

Bases Selling Borroco Turrets (by System)Edit

Omicron Gamma systemEdit

Omega 5 systemEdit

Omega 41 systemEdit

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