The AP-6364 Piranha Bounty Hunter Light Fighter is one of the better light fighters. It is only available in the Bretonia systems, but can be worth the trip if you are looking for a cheap but good light fighter.


Original EntryEdit

With crime on the rise, there has been resurgence in the Bounty Hunter Trade. To hunt down a criminal one must think like a criminal - and be armed like one too. The Piranha delivers expertly on this note, providing every bit of the firepower and armor needed for the job. The added cargo space for transport and delivery of captured escape pods rounds out its generous appointments.


This ship is notable for its capability to hold level 4 weapons. However, since you arrive in Bretonia with a similarly-leveled ship, consider skipping this and getting something better instead. It is a good choice if you crave adventure and don't have access to Buffalo Base as it's similar to the Dagger Border World Light Fighter minus the turret mount.

Interestingly, NPC-piloted Piranhas are sometimes equipped with turrets (and drop them as salvage), despite the lack of a turret mount.


  • Gun/Turret Mounts: 4/0
  • Armor: 1800
  • Cargo Space: 35
  • Max. Batteries/Nanobots: 15
  • Optimal Power Rating: 2
  • Max. Power Rating: 4
  • Add. Equipment Slots: M,CM,CD
  • Price: 17,020 credits
  • Player Level Req.: Level 4

Places SoldEdit

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