Icon - BretoniaBretonia
United Kingdom of Bretonia

Icon - Bretonia

The flag of Bretonia

Capital System New London system
Capital Planet Planet New London
Controlled Systems
Official Languages English
Founded 19 A.S.

Bretonia is one of the four Houses of the Sirius Sector, alongside Liberty, Kusari, and Rheinland.


B flag

The Bretonian Flag

The Bretonia was one of the last sleeper ships to arrive in the Sirius Sector, almost twenty years after the Liberty, Kusari, and Rheinland had made planetfall on what became their respective homeworlds. In the chaos of the Exodus, the starboard engine array of the Bretonia was destroyed, requiring her to limp the rest of the way to Sirius.

By the time the Bretonia arrived, most of the resource rich areas of the sector had already been claimed by the passengers of the Rheinland and the Kusari, while the Liberty had settled the lush planets at the sector core. The passengers of the Bretonia were forced to select a less than ideal site near the Barrier, a giant belt of ice that spans the entire western half of the Sirius Sector. Here they established the colony of New London, on one of the few habitable planets in the area. Isolated by the Barrier from the other houses and years behind, Bretonia began an accelerated program of rebuilding their industrial civilization.

Historically quiet in terms of crime, Bretonia is the home of two narrowly focused terrorist groups, the Mollys and the Gaians. Common criminals were quite rare until the recent arrival of Corsairs and Outcasts within the colony, which has severely tested the capabilities and resources of the Police Authority and Armed Forces.


Government FactionsEdit

Corporate FactionsEdit

Criminal FactionsEdit

Local FactionsEdit

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