Bretonia has many factions attempting to exploit the Barrier and the Border Worlds. Chiefly among these corporations are Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing (BMM), Gateway Shipping, and Bowex. Planetform maintains its headquarters in the New London system, and the Bounty Hunters Guild maintains a base in the Manchester system near BPA Newgate. The Independent Miners Guild and other House trading corporations are also often seen in Bretonian space.

On the criminal side of the equation, Bretonia hosts two local criminal factions, the Mollys and the Gaians. Mollys are separatists who wish to keep the Dublin system independent, and draw their ranks from the descendants of rebelling BMM workers. The Gaians, on the other hand, are eco-terrorists, mostly composed of former Cambridge University students and faculty who decided to take a stand against the wanton pollution of Bretonian space. Rounding out the list of criminal factions, the Corsairs and the Outcasts both have raiding and smuggling routes through Bretonia, but maintain no bases inside Bretonian space. Clashes over Gold in particular have pitted Mollys against Corsairs on numerous occasions.

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