Bretonia Police

Bretonia Police

Officers in the Bretonia Police Authority are well-trained, well-armed, and widely considered to be a bastion of incorruptibillity.

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"The police in Bretonia have a hard time shaking the lousy reputation that Liberty shippers have of the police. That's because they are used to the LPI, which is just as crooked as the criminals." - Constable Zoe Leighton, Durham Border Station

"Some of the Bretonian Police will eventually join the military. This is good training in that respect. Both institutions are honorable and you do a lot of the same things, though I'd say our job is a bit harder because we are supposed to apprehend criminals where we can. The military doesn't see things quite the same way." - Durham Bartender RBT-23

"I find the Bounty Hunters a distasteful and crude lot. They do perform essential and unpleasant tasks for the authority though. At least we don't have to go into the Somerset." - Constable Paula Pinfield, Bretonia Police

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