There are many main characters in Freelancer. Some, such as Juni assist Trent throughout most of the missions in the Single Player Plot, whereas others, such as Walker and King, are only seen in one or two missions.

It is noteworthy that most characters have "Main Character Status" during missions and are therefore invincible: one does not have to watch Juni or Ozu, for instance, and ensure that they are not destroyed. However, it's also worth noting that some of their weapons are somewhat lacking as far as DPS is concerned: just because you don't have to babysit them doesn't mean that they're going to do most of the work for you!

The following is an attempt to list them by sector, following the main mission storyline.


Liberty Sector CharactersEdit

  1. Edison Trent
  2. Commander Jun'ko Zane
  3. King
  4. Captain Marcus Walker
  5. President Jacobi
  6. Syd
  7. Sam Lonnigan
  8. Cosmo Van Nostrom
  9. Sean Ashcroft
  10. Brandon Rowlett
  11. Professor Hermann Van Pelt

Bretonian Sector CharactersEdit

  1. Tobias
  2. Professor Quintaine
  3. Doctor Sinclair
  4. Vance
  5. Dexter Hovis

Kusari Sector CharactersEdit

  1. Governor Tekagi
  2. Lord Hakkera
  3. Lieutenant Ozu
  4. Cobo

Rhineland Sector CharactersEdit

  1. Admiral Schultzky
  2. Von Claussen
  3. Jonner & Blix
  4. Hans Fischer

Complete list of Characters:Edit