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Clan List Edit

Current as of Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

LoA - Legion of Armageddon

Affiliation - Corsairs

Systems Claimed - Omicron Gamma, Omega 41, Omega 5


Affiliation - Samura

Systems Claimed - Sigma 17, 18, 13.

SIA - Sirus Intelegence Agency

Affiliation - Interspace Commerce


Affiliation -

Systems Claimed -

SoT - Shadows of Twilight

Affiliation - Outcasts

Systems Clamied - Omicron Alpha, Beta,


Affiliation - Rhienland Military

Systems Claimed - Rheinland House Systems

Immortal -

Affiliation - Nomad/Human Hybrids

Systems Claimed - Unknown

Vikings -

Affiliation -

Systems Claimed - Unknown

N2H -

Affiliation - Unknown

Systems Claimed -

KAF - Kyusu Armed Forces

Affiliation - Kusari Navy

Systems Claimed - Kusari House Systems

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