Class 10 weapons are the highest class of weapons in the game. They cannot be bought from any battleship, planet or base, but rather found from various locations over the Sirius sector.


There are two groups of class 10 guns which can be distinguished as prototype weapons and Nomad weapons.

The prototype weapons are found from various hidden wrecks around the Sirius sector. Those wrecks usually have some kind of background story, mostly hinting on experimental weapons being tested on the field. As a note of observation on the background story and wreck designs, 6 of the 15 wrecks are of Rheinland origin, 6 belong to the Bounty Hunters Guild, 2 are Outcast burial ships and 1 seems to be a Hessian vessel. The weapons themselves have no data on them, save for their stats and a codename.


The prototype weapons have a high damage rate per shot. It is true that they exceed most class 9 weapons in damage inflicted per second. Only one gun, the Outcasts' Kraken Type 2 outmatches Prototype Weapons (Kraken Type 2 boasts a DPS of 2,347.2 and an efficiency rating of 4.8). The one disadvantage of the Kraken Type 2 guns is that their shots move faster than the Nomad guns or Prototype guns, throwing off one's pattern. The prototype weapons have impressive damage but a slow fire rate. These weapons are not preferred by most PvP oriented pilots, since the slow fire rate, high energy consumption and a somewhat slower aiming reaction leaves the user vulnerable to rapid fire and pulse weapons which drain the energy used for guns.

The Nomad weapons are the most powerful weapons in terms of damage inflicted per second as well as efficiency, making them superior to the Prototype weapons. What makes them even more fearsome is the fact that they consume no energy and can be fired infinitely. The nomad weapons can be looted from Nomad fighters from the Unknown 1 and Unknown 2 systems, and near their jumphole locations in Omicron Alpha and Omicron Gamma. The Nomad weapons include the faster firing Nomad Energy Blaster and the slower Nomad Energy Cannon.

A sidenote on the class 10 guns is that they don't seem to resemble any known gun type in the universe, leaving a possibility that they inflict maximum damage on every known type of shield.

There is also class 10 missile ammo and a class 10 mine dropper found in some of the prototype wrecks.

  • Paralyzer Missile - It inflicts a high amount of damage on shields, however only its ammo can be found in the original game, not the launcher itself. Since you can't use it, sell this ammo to make room for more!
  • Ripper Mine - The strongest and best homing mine in the game. Both the launcher and ammo can be found from the wrecks.

list of class 10 weaponsEdit

list of all class 10 gunsEdit

Nomad Weapons By RankEdit

Rank Source Name Hull Shield Energy RoF Speed Efficiency DPS



Nomad Energy Cannon 847.6 423.8 0.00 3.03 600 Infinite 2,568.23


Nomad Energy Blaster 635.7 317.85 0.00 4 600 Infinite 2,542.8

Prototype Weapons by RankEdit

Rank Source Name Hull Shield Energy RoF Speed Efficiency DPS
1 Omicron Alpha CERBERUS 1,173.6 586.8 293.4 2 600 4.0 2,346
1 Sigma-13 DIAMONDBACK 1,173.6 586.8 293.4 2 600 4.0 2,346
2 Sigma-13 SILVER FIRE 717.2 358.6 179.3 3.03 600 4.0 2,172
3 Omicron Beta WILD FIRE 1,075.8 537.9 220.05 2 600 4.89 2,150
3 Sigma-17 BLUE BLAZE 1,075.8 537.9 244.00 2 600 4.41 2,150

Omicron Alpha

Omicron Gamma

GUARDIAN 1,075.8 537.9 268.95 2 600 4.00 2,150
4 Sigma-13 ONYX 1,075.8 537.9 268.95 2 600 4.00 2,150
5 Sigma-13 JADE 652.0 326.0 163 3.03 600 4.00 1,975
6 Omega-41 ARCHANGEL 978.0 489.0 268.95 2 600 3.63 1,956
6 Tau-37 DARK BLOSSOM 978.0 489.0 268.95 2 600 3.63 1,956
7 Omicron Alpha PROMETHEUS 586.8 293.4 146.7 3.03 600 4.01 1,775
8 Sigma-13 BLOODSTONE 880.2 440.1 220.05 2 600 4.0 1,760
8 Sigma-13 IRON HAMMER 880.2 440.1 220.05 2 600 4.0 1,760
9 Omicron Theta THOR'S HAMMER 880.2 440.1 244.5 2 600 3.6 1,760
10 Omega-11 GOLDEN BLADE 782.4 391.2 195.6 2 600 4.00 1,564

Locations of Prototype WeaponsEdit


  • None


  • Paralyzer Missile - Note: Launcher Not Available in Original Game - Ammunition Only --> Not true I have found one paralyzer launcher, not sure were thought probably a wreck not mention here.

Mine DropperEdit

Ships compatibilityEdit

Only these ships can carry a Class 10 weapon:


If you're sick of having limited weapon classes on ships, there's two mods that can effectively remove this limitation.

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