Cobo is a pilot in the Blood Dragons, and the wingman of Lord Hakkera in Mission 10. Cobo only appears in Mission 10, and does not meet with Trent in any cutscene. While Cobo's role is small, his in-flight dialogue during Mission 10 indicates that he is a knowledgeable, professional pilot who stays cool under pressure.

Christian Kusari?Edit

Cobo exclaims of "Oh my Lord..." upon seeing the Rheinland Northern Fleet in Sigma-13 could indicate that his religious faith is Christian, rather than Shinto or Buddhist. However, he could also be referring to the Lord Buddha Amida, or simply borrowing from English.

Misspelling of Name?Edit

It should be noted that the letter "C" is not used when Japanese language is translated into English characters (or "Romaji" script); instead, the letter "K" is used. As such, "Cobo" should be spelled "Kobo".

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