The Corsair M10 Class "Titan" Very Heavy Fighter is the heaviest, and has the maximum armor and weapon slots in the Freelancer Universe. It is also the only ship that comes with a class 8 graviton shield.


Original EntryEdit

The Corsairs' survival is rooted in their ability to survive and adapt, the "Titan" is no different. On the surface the design is somewhat visually similar to the M7 Class, however the power system is a revolutionary step forward and the armor rating is the heaviest available. This provides maximum offensive and defensive capabilities while still delivering speed and maneuverability. This ship is, in short - the one.


The Titan is the most expensive ship in the game. Though the slowest-turning, it boasts the best armor rating and the highest Nanobot/Shield Battery capacity of any VHF. It is also the only fighter that comes with a Class 8 Adv. Protector Graviton shield, the strongest obtainable graviton shield in the game- as the Eagle and Sabre are sold with class 7 Graviton shields. It should also be noted that the Titan is about half the length of the Eagle and has about the same wing span, effectively making it relatively smaller than the other VHFs. However, the turret mount on this fighter does not face forward, so this ship has less firing capabilities than the Sabre, but it makes up for it with increased armor and Nanos/Shields capacity.



Titan vhf yukon

Corsair M10 Class "Titan" VHF @ Battleship Yukon, California

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