The Cortez system is an Independent system connecting Liberty and Bretonia . The system contains one settled planet and one base. It also hosts one corporation and one criminal organization. There are jump gates/holes to three different systems, and the system orbits a single blue dwarf star.


Planet CuracaoEdit

Unfettered by colony law, Curacao is run by Orbital Spa and Cruise Lines as a pleasure planet where every whim and decadent urge is fulfilled. The only sound that can be heard over the lapping waves on its fabulous beaches is the tremendous outpouring of credits by its patrons. This is not a planet for the idle vacationer; it was established to cater to the affluent Manhattan and Los Angeles who, in may cases, have more currency than morals.


Jump Gates/HolesEdit


Edward Kane (C5)Edit

The wreck of the Charles Kane, a Bowex armored transport carrying Gold. Hijacked recently by Rogues.


Corcovado Ice FieldEdit

A medium-sized field of ice asteroids. Most of the Rogue activity in the system seems centered here, though the Liberty Navy has yet to take any decisive action.

Paloma Ice CloudEdit

A medium-sized cloud of ice crystals. Rogues frequently hide in the mists, awaiting luxury cargos and passengers from Liberty bound for the pleasure planet of Curacao.

Roatan Ice CloudEdit

A medium-sized cloud of ice crystals. A popular hiding place for Rogues and Lane Hackers to attack Trade Lane traffic to and from Manchester.

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