Cosmo Van Nostrom

Cosmo Van Nostrom

Cosmo Van Nostrom is an artifact smuggler in Liberty space who flies a Patriot light fighter which appears to be registered under Deep Space Engineering. His cargo hold contains x20 Artifacts. His ship is equipped with two Class 1 Justice Mk 1 lasers, a Class 3 Guardian graviton shield, a basic Countermeasure Dropper, and a basic Thruster. An easy warm-up before the fight at Pueblo Station in Mission 2.

"Alright! Alright already! Are you crazy? I hope you have good lawyers: this is abuse of power here! I'll sue! I'm not Ashcroft, you jarhead! I'm really gonna have your butt! The name is Cosmo Van Nostrom... remember it! I'm about to be your worst nightmare, flatfoot! This is wrongful arrest, harassment, and wanton destruction of my property! This is outrageous! [coughing] You haven't heard the last of this!"

His name is probably a reference to Cosmo Kramer from the Seinfeld TV Show who often uses the "Van Nostrand" alias.

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