"This beats the straight and narrow. Hypocrites! The so-called authorities are more corrupt than we are!"

Even in the last haven of mankind, crime remains a constant in society. Space pirates intercept cargo vessels moving through the Trade Lanes. Terrorists and rebels attack civilian and political targets. Smugglers run illegal goods( although there are only two illegal goods, Artifacts and Cardamine). The ever rising crime wave enforces the need for a strong security force in the colonies. To that extent, each of the four houses have organized a myriad of defense measures, including a dedicated police force and well-trained military. While the house police mainly patrol system outskirts and interdict smugglers, the military of each house keeps a watchful eye on their home territories, watching the borders and protecting crucial research stations. While criminal activity is profitable, there is also a tidy sum to be made by hunting said criminals as a bounty hunter.

List of CriminalsEdit

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