Daumann Heavy Construction is the largest mining and manufacturing firm in Rheinland.

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DAUMANN FAMILY TARGETED IN RAID: STUTTGART -- Two luxury-class transports headed to Baden-Baden with New Berlin's social elite were attacked and destroyed Monday by half of a Red Hessian brigade. There were no survivors of the disaster. "This was a planned strike," Federal Police Captain Roland Bals admitted to the press. The Daumann family members aboard one of the destroyed transports were presumed to be the primary target of the vicious attack.

BLUE DIAMONDS: RED HOT FASHION: DRESDEN -- The blue Diamonds mined at Kruger's Bautzen facility in Dresden have recently gained in popularity among the Rheinland super-rich. More top designers and jewelers are using the expensive rocks that have come to be known as Hessian Tears. Rebecca Daumann, daughter of the current CEO of the mega-corporation, is in many ways responsible for the stone's resurgence. She has been wearing them to all the largest galas and parties thrown in New Berlin, and her flawless fashion sense has captured the public's imagination.

DAUMANN INTRODUCES NEW WEAPON: THE RING -- Daumann's Weapons Research and Development Division announced that it had created a new side arm that would compete with the ever-popular Detroit Perforator. The new weapon will be called the Daumann Shredder, capable of firing extremely high velocity splinters made of depleted Uranium. The thousands of projectiles contained in a typical burst have been shredding targets in Daumann tests.

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