A Rogue base. Rogues attack civilian and commercial targets of opportunity and are believed to be involved in the trade of stolen Diamonds.


Ships For SaleEdit

  • None.

Commodities For SaleEdit

Guns For SaleEdit

Turrets For SaleEdit

Missiles For SaleEdit

Shields For SaleEdit

Torpedo/Cruise Disruptors For SaleEdit

Mine Dispensers For SaleEdit

  • Razor Mine
  • Seeker Mine
  • Tadpole Mine
  • Wardog Mine


XENOS GET HAMMERED BY UNIONERS: DAWSON -- It looks like some of the Xenos in this system lost a pretty big fight with the Rheinland Unioners last week. Everybody knows that the Xenos are trying to get in on the Diamond trade -- so far unsuccessfully. The case was no different this time when four Xenos attacked Unioners headed through the Wrangell Field towards Dawson to do some Diamond trading. Rogue pilots held back and watched as the Xenos got torn apart by the more experienced Unioner pilots.

NO BOUNTIES FOR THESE HUNTERS: KENAI FIELD -- A small flight of Bounty Hunters was ambushed by Rogue pilots just south of the Kenai fields yesterday as they completed a circuit of the area. Rogue patrols had been ghosting the three novice Hunters for about a week as they searched the system to collect bounties on Rogue scalps. Yesterday the trap was laid and sprung. A force of seven Rogues destroyed all three Bounty Hunter ships. The action is an example of the organization and teamwork that Rogues have been attempting to instill within the membership lately.


"There must have been plans for making use of the planet Atka here in this system. A Planetform ship came in here to scope out the planet. Then the Xenos swooped in on 'em and blew the ship up. Those Xenos are a crazy bunch, but they crack me up. Heh heh, no more Planetform types have come back here yet." - Darren Blackman, Liberty Rogues

"If you want to get into Rheinland space without attracting much attention, just pop through the Jump Hole in the field east of this base. It will take you right into Hamburg." - Clark Wilson, Liberty Rogues

"I hear Liberty had plans for making this system the main trade route from Rheinland into Texas because of all the drifting asteroid problems in Bering." - Matthew McMillan, Liberty Rogues

"The Diamonds that the Unioners bring to this base eventually arrive in Manhattan for sale on the black market. That's what the Bounty Hunters are really after. Most of the bounties offered by Republican are pretty small." - Dawson Bartender Adrian Sharp

"The Liberty Navy patrols the Trade Lanes from Hamburg to Texas that run through this system. They've tried to clear us out many times, but there are too many places to hide. That's why Hudson will always belong to the outlaws." - Darren Blackman, Liberty Rogues

"The Diamonds we get here from the Rheinland Unioner folk are shipped to Buffalo or Beaumont. They make us a lot of money in New York." - Clark Wilson, Liberty Rogues

"Some of the Xenos we run into have dropped hints about trying to get in on the Diamond trade, but it ain't gonna happen. Diamonds come from Rheinland, and nobody from Rheinland is going to do business with the Xenos, and vice versa. Bad for them; good for us." - Matthew McMillan, Liberty Rogues

"Since this base is pretty remote we have to get almost everything shipped to us from Beaumont. Aside from our basic supplies of Food, Water, and Oxygen, we receive H-Fuel, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Goods, and Side Arms from Beaumont." - Dawson Bartender Adrian Sharp

"The Xenos and Unioners have been killing each other in this system. The Xeno base in the Wrangell Field just north of this field, and the Unioners come here to trade Diamonds with us. I don't care who gets fried as long as the Diamonds keep coming in." - Darren Blackman, Liberty Rogues

"Every Rogue likes his gun collection. Most Rogues have several pieces of Detroit death machinery, so we need to supplement our Side Arm shipments from Beaumont with extra shipments from Buffalo." - Clark Wilson, Liberty Rogues

"I hear Liberty had plans for making this system the main trade route from Rheinland into Texas because of all the drifting asteroid problems in Bering." - Matthew McMillan, Liberty Rogues

"The Unioners are forced to operate on the edges of Rheinland space, not only because of the Rheinland authorities, but also because of another criminal group within Rheinland: the Red Hessians." - Dawson Bartender Adrian Sharp

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