The Debilitator Turret is the best of the Pulse Weapons available during the Single Player Plot, and is more efficient than the Corsairs Borroco Turret. It is also for sale on many more bases than the Corsairs weapon. The Debilitator Turret is available for purchase on the Battleship Osiris.

The Debilitator makes a good choice for fighter combat versus Liberty or Rheinland forces after Level 16. However, when fighting Nomads, it would be better to have another turret for sheer DPS, as Nomads do not mount Shields.

The Debilitator costs $12,870 credits.

Class Faction Name Hull Shield Energy RoF Speed Effcncy DPS
6 Civilian Debilitator Turret 11.9 395.3 23.72 4 700 16.66 1,581.2

Bases Selling Debilitator Turrets (by System)Edit

Bering systemEdit

Chugoku systemEdit

Dresden systemEdit

Frankfurt systemEdit

Hamburg systemEdit

Hokkaido systemEdit

Hudson systemEdit

Kyushu systemEdit

New Berlin systemEdit

New York systemEdit

Omega 11 systemEdit

Omega 7 systemEdit

Omicron MinorEdit

Sigma 13 systemEdit

Sigma 17 systemEdit

Sigma 19 systemEdit

Stuttgart sytemEdit

Tau 23 systemEdit

Tau 29 systemEdit

Tau 31 systemEdit

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