The Eraser Missile family has one purpose: shield stripping! Eraser missiles do almost no hull damage, but massive amounts of shield damage, unlike their Javelin series and Stalker series counterparts. Eraser Missiles behave exactly like the Javelin series in their homing and tracking abilities, but have the faster refire rate of the Stalker series. However, all Stalker series ammo is more expensive than the equivalent Javelin series ammo.

L-EMP-01 "Eraser" EMP Missile Launcher - Class 1Edit

Delivering an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) that disrupts the target's shields and power plant and effectively crippling its defenses, the Eraser distinguishes itself as being the perfect weapon for a combined assault; following up with a Javelin or other missile of choice.

  • Requires Eraser Missile
  • Price - $500
  • Ammo Cost/Shot - $25/ea.
  • Hull Damage - 16
  • Shield Damage - 652

M-EMP-01 "Sweeper" EMP Missile Launcher - Class 4Edit

Based on the same technology as the Eraser, the Sweeper is designed with a greater power output capacity and therefore delivers a more sizeable EMP blast to the target's shields. In terms of cost, many consider this to be an exceptionally valuable piece of necessary armament.

  • Requires Sweeper Missile
  • Price - $3,710
  • Ammo Cost/Shot - $185/ea.
  • Hull Damage - 31
  • Shield Damage - 1,264

N-EMP-01 "Neutralizer" EMP Missile Launcher - Class 7Edit

Second to only one other missile in its class, the Neutralizer releases an EMP on impact that is so devastating that it renders all but the strongest adversaries helpless within a couple of sequential hits.

  • Requires Neutralizer Missile
  • Price - $24,790
  • Ammo Cost/Shot - $1,239/ea.
  • Hull Damage - 69
  • Shield Damage - 2,788

O-EMP-01 "Paralyzer" EMP Missile Launcher - Class 10Edit

Based on an entirely new approach, The Paralyzer discharges the most powerful EMP on the market. Research shows that when used in combat, the Paralyzer can completely disrupt most shields in just one blast. Again this weapon serves as a very useful precursor to a follow-up attack, however further hits with the Paralyzer will also disable a target's powerplant and guns. Note: The Paralyzer Missile cannot be salvaged or purchased anywhere in the game as originally released. However, its ammo can be looted from wrecks, and should immediately be sold for large amounts of cash.

  • Requires Paralyzer Missile
  • Price - $144,580
  • Ammo Cost/Shot - $7,229/ea.
  • Hull Damage - 195
  • Shield Damage - 7,824

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