Chancellor Florian Gustav Niemann is the leader of the Rheinland government during the single-player campaign of Freelancer. During the course of the story, after he abducts Liberty's President Jacobi, it is revealed that he has become possessed by a Nomad alien. Rheinland's Admiral Schultzky, whose ship, the Donau, was destroyed by Order fighters at the start of the story, had also been possessed by a Nomad and had been sent by Niemann to infect Jacobi as well. Such was Niemann's eventually personal intent, but his agenda came to an end when Edison Trent rescued Jacobi from his clutches in the top-secret Alaska system.


Niemann was voiced by the late Tony Jay, who, as a prolific voice actor, was famous for villainous roles such as the virus Megabyte in the computer-animated series ReBoot.

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