In 752 AS, after enduring crushing conditions at the Graves Survey and Mining base in the Dublin system, Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing (BMM) employees rose up to demand better conditions. The security response quickly escalated until the situation got out of control, leading to the birth of the Mollys separatist group and the beginning of their war to seize the Dublin system for themselves.

Conditions Leading to RevoltEdit

BMM has always had a reputation as a ruthless employer who cares nothing for workplace safety as long as profitability is maintained. Their mining activities have led to the outright ecological catastrophe of the Leeds system, and their manufacturing activities have made a junkyard of the New London system. BMM has therefore been a driving force behind the birth of two rebel movements, the Mollys and the Gaians.

On the Graves Survey and Mining base in Dublin, worker average life expectancy was a mere six years. The proverbial straw eventually broke the camel's back, and the workers demanded better conditions. Sir Edmund Graves reacted poorly, and the enraged workers then overwhelmed his security forces and executed him by decapitation. Military forces were sent to quell the uprising, leading to the ambush of the Battleship Hood (later abandoned and repopulated by the IMG and other transients) as well as the Bretonian Gunboat Storm.

Current StatusEdit

The Mollys have fought the Bretonia Armed Forces to a standstill in the Dublin system. Arranmore Base remains unmolested in its asteroid field, protected by the thickest minefield in the system. Military patrols don't come close to Mollys territory, though Bounty Hunters operating from the Hood and Battleship Essex will. Bretonia Police Authority vessels will not even enter the Dublin system, though they regularly engage Mollys in other Bretonia systems such as New London, Leeds, and Manchester.

It is highly likely that the additional pressure supplied by the Corsairs and Outcasts in the face of the Molly threat has severely taxed the already-undergunned Bretonian military. It had already been rumored that Bretonian military might had fallen behind that of Kusari and Liberty; now with Edge Worlds smugglers and raiders, the BAF is being stretched mighty thin, indeed.

The Molly PlanEdit

The Mollys mount regular, coordinated raids on shipping in the Dublin system, as well as staging raids in the Leeds system for MOX with which they hope to process out enough weapons-grade Plutonium to make a nuclear bomb. The Mollys feel that if they establish a nuclear deterrence, the Bretonian government on Planet New London might relent and sue for peace.

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