Freeport 9

Freeport 9 with wing of Hammerhead fighters

Freeport 9 is very nearly the only human population for hundreds of light years in every direction -- which is exactly the way the Zoners like it. Despite its location in a system filled with strange nebula and forbidding black crystals, however, Freeport 9 is a frequent stop for criminal organizations looking to buy Food from the Freeport's biodome, while Cryer Pharmaceuticals has shown an intense interest in the Alien Organisms that colonize many of the asteroids in the system.


Freeport 9 is the only place where the Civilian CTE-6000 Eagle Very Heavy Fighter is sold. Also it is in the center of the Omicron Systems, making it a hub for many Civilian Freelancer's to test equipment and trade. Another reason for the surge in Freelancer Population could be explained by the Zoners neutral reputation to all factions, meaning the most patriotic Police or the most deceptive Pirate is welcome.


Ships SellingEdit

Commodities SellingEdit

Guns For SaleEdit

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Mine Dispensers For SaleEdit

  • Razor Mine
  • Tadpole Mine
  • Driller Mine
  • Swatter Mine
  • Cutter Mine


"Don't ask me where the Jump Hole is that leads to the Corsair homeworld. I've said too much already. The Corsairs would cut my throat if I dared utter where the entrance to their system is. Just stay away from the Napo Cloud. I mean ... it isn't in the Napo Cloud, it's ... I'm a dead man." - Freeport 9 Bartender Ruben Walton

"The Artifacts that you can find in this system are not worth taking. We don't touch them; they are Corsair property. If you think differently, I recommend that you make sure you aren't behind on your policy payments to IC." - Ivan Parks, Zoners

"Our brothers in Freeport 5 send us Polymers, Fertilizers, and Consumer Goods. It's a Zoner's duty to help other Zoners where we can. This is a dangerous part of space; only by sticking together can we make it." - Sam Ralston, Zoners

"We get many of our goods from the Junkers at Yanagi. Our boats haul Engine Components and Consumer Goods from there." - Freeport 9 Bartender Ruben Walton

"The biodomes we invested in here have paid off in spades. Everyone in this part of space comes here for Food, and we get the profits. Well, us and Synth Foods, of course. We ship Food to Atka in Sigma-17 and Freeport 5 in Omega-41." - Sam Ralston, Zoners

"We ship the Alien Organisms found in this system to the Cryer base in Sigma-17. Cryer also needs our Polymers, and we return with Pharmaceuticals." - Ivan Parks, Zoners

"To the west are the Sabana Fragments. You can get to Omega-41 from there -- a good idea if you are trying to avoid the Corsairs. They are still all over, since this is their space, but you won't be going through the Corsair home system." - Hunter Brooke Carter, Bounty Hunters Guild

""Lucky" Logan Conner was one tough nut, as anyone will tell you. He would take on an entire patrol of Corsairs, picking them off one by one. Based out of Freeport 5 to be close to his favorite prey, he liked living life on the ragged edge. His luck finally ran out in 780, when he ventured too far from the safety of the Gredos Cloud in the Corsairs home territory of Omicron Gamma. A mass of Corsairs pursued him back into the nebula. It was rumored that they didn't actually dispose of Connor on the spot, but merely disabled his ship and let him die a slow death by asphyxiation." - Tracker Gina Utaki, Bounty Hunters Guild

"In 550 AS the Bretonian government chartered the exploratory/research ship Fearless to explore the fringes of the mysterious Edge Nebula. After several years spent crossing the outer Omega systems, they discovered Omicron Theta and its sole planet, Pygar. Upon completing a brief survey of the planet and retrieving several strange Artifacts that were sent back by courier ship to Cambridge, they continued on into the mysterious clouds that traversed the eastern end of the system. The Fearless was never seen again." - Tracker Gina Utaki, Bounty Hunters Guild

"My brother joined the Bounty Hunters Guild a few years ago. He's not tough enough to take on Corsairs yet; he should still be popping Rogues. The idiot sent me a message telling me he was ready for the big leagues in southern Sirius. I'm trying to find him before he gets killed." - Tracker Gina Utaki, Bounty Hunters Guild

"I have come to this place looking for a Corsair named Jardin. He is an infamous killer and pirate. Many say he cannot be stopped, but if anyone can drop him, I can. He is just a man, and a man can die, no matter how tough he is." - Hunter Brooke Carter, Bounty Hunters Guild

"I was a Red Hessian for many years. I became pretty good at killing [[Corsairs, so I decided to get paid for it. Besides, I had grown weary of piracy. I became a Hessian for political reasons, before they sold out." - Hunter Brooke Carter, Bounty Hunters Guild

"The Hole that leads to our home system is in the Napo Cloud. Unwanted intruders who get taken alive have it worst of all, we keelhaul them. Try to imagine being in the vac-suit lashed to the outside of a ship that's headed into a Jump Hole." - Josefina Ferrer, Corsairs

"You can't kill anyone onboard or in the immediate area of a Zoner base. That's why the Bounty Hunters are still breathing here. I would like nothing better than to walk over to a Bounty Hunter and eliminate him with my Daumann Devastator." - Manuel Llorens, Corsairs

"The Napo Cloud in this system is filled with Artifacts, but the Zoners here know better than to try and get them. Artifacts are Corsair business. The objects we get from that clouds have been funding and feeding the Corsairs for centuries. You had better be a good friend to us if you decide to go there." - Maria Guzman, Corsairs

"The Side Arm you see me carrying came from Yanagi. It's a Rheinlander piece, because I'm an eastern Corsair. The western Corsairs get Detroit weaponry from Bretonia. The Yanagi Junkers supply this base with Engine Components, too. We use those at Tripoli." - Manuel Llorens, Corsairs

"We get many of our basic supplies from this base. The biodomes here provide us with the Food we consume throughout our space. Corsair leadership has decided that the next step for the Corsair Brotherhood is to build our own biodomes so we will never have to worry about Food again." - Josefina Ferrer, Corsairs

"Felix, one of my sons, was killed a Cadiz fighting the Hessians. His brother, Cesar, died during initiation. Cesar was a good pilot and a strong man, but his sensors were damaged. He trusted them instead of his own instincts." - Maria Guzman, Corsairs

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