Freighter class is a class of ships available for piloting in the Sirius sector. It is primary used to haul cargo along the various Trade Routes.


When compared with other ships of similar line-up, freighters can usually carry a lot more cargo, and come with extended mounts for turrets. However, gun and missile launcher hard points are usually limited, and there are no mounts for cruise disruptors or torpedo launchers. Despite this, when properly equipped, a freighter can still be a highly capable craft when it comes to a fire fight.

Fighting with a freighter is different from fighter combat. With their large turret loadout and slow maneuvering, the correct way to fight in one is to set the ship to autopilot and shoot using turret mode.

Freighter shields are even stronger than Heavy Fighter shields. However, a Freighter is such a large, slow target that they are in much more danger than any fighter. It's generally best to fly in an area with very few enemies, possibly made that way by bribery. If you can find a friendly convoy going the right way, it's a good idea to fly in formation with them. That way you have backup with you in case of pirate attack, and as long as you're flying with them they do all the autopilot plotting for you.

Freighters by RankEdit

Level Manufacturer Ship Name Guns/Max Class Batteries/Bots Energy Cap Charge Turn Hold Price
1 Liberty Rhino 3/5, Class 3 12/12 1,300 126 0.90 80 $9,170
4 Pirate Mule 4/4, Class 4 15/15 1,800 183 0.90 90 $20,590
4 Bretonia Clydesdale 3/5, Class 4 15/15 1,800 183 0.90 125 $23,010
10 Kusari Drone 2/6, Class 6 23/23 2,700 265 0.90 175 $62,820
10 Border Dromedary 3/5, Class 6 23/23 2,900 290 0.90 275 $62,820
20 Rheinland Humpback 2/6, Class 7 33/33 4,700 465 0.40 250 $170,940


All freighters have 8 weapon hard points. Depending on the model, between 2 and 4 of these will be gun mounts, and the rest will be turret mounts. There are also the usual mine layer and counter-measure launcher mounts.

Primary UsersEdit

Freighters are the most commonly seen in House policed spaces, and are the prime choice of hauling cargo by various corporations. Besides the pilotable freighters, there are also various transports which cannot be flown by the player unless a mod is installed.

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