Gateway Shipping is a Bretonian firm catering to smaller companies that hauls raw materials accross the Border and Independent Worlds.

Official Faction StandingsEdit

Bases ControlledEdit


BOWEX AND GATEWAY TRADE SHOTS: SILVERTON FIELD -- Bowex and Gateway transports exchanged fire near the Trade Lanes leading from Pueblo to the New York Gate. The rivalry between the two Bretonian firms has always been a bitter one, but this is the first documented incident of hostile action occurring within a House system. The captains of the two ships claimed that the guns were activated "accidentally" and that it was not their intention to hurt anyone. Indeed, no damage occurred to either vessel since the shields absorbed the few shots that were fired.


"Gateway and the IMG are partners. We haul their minerals and supplies to distant markets. ALG has recently joined our little group, enabling us to expand into Rheinland and take on the Daumann-Republican monopoly, which is eerily similar to our own BMM-Bowex road block." - Kensington Bartender Bernard Tyrell

"We'd like to get more involved in the Luxury Goods and Food trade, but Bowex has a lock on that. Its exclusive military and police supply contract are the worst because they make the Bretonian government pay through the nose. That's what you get with centuries of no competition." - Jeremy Wilby, Kensington Shipping Platform

"Seems these Gateway people have a much easier time with the criminal element than we do, except, of course, the Corsairs and Outcasts. Nobody gets close with them, at least not on the legitimate side of the coin." - Frank Sherman, Planetform

"If I didn't know better, I'd swear Bowex controls the Armed Forces. Here we are getting attacked from all sides by the Corsairs, there are flames pouring out of my ship. And the Armed Forces patrol flies right by to help a Bowex transport sending a distress call from thirty minutes away! When will the time come when we get a fair shake around here? Gateway Shipping has had to struggle from the very start because of all the history Bowex has in London." - Gateway, Stokes Mining Station

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