H-fuel is the basic fuel used for engine propulsion everywhere in the colonies. A mix of elemental hydrogen, deuterium (H2), and helium-3 (He3), H-Fuel can also be mixed with oxygen in fuel cells to provide water (via "cracking") and electricity for smaller ships, space stations, and other facilities. H-Fuel production is almost totally monopolized by the Gas Miners Guild of Kusari, who mine raw Hydrogen and Helium from the Crow Nebula in the Sigma systems, refine it at their gas miner bases, and ship it to storage depots and distribution facilities throughout the colonies.

Best BuyEdit

Best SellEdit

Lootable AtEdit

Many ships drop H-Fuel; however, best results will be gained by scanning for ships carrying H-Fuel, or camping a base where H-Fuel is shipped from. H-Fuel is very commonly dropped by the dozen by Rheinland vessels, particularly Rheinland Gunboats destroyed during missions in the Single Player Plot. Thus one should always make sure to empty the cargo hold prior to the part of Mission 3 where you leave California Minor because you have to defend Willard Research Station, Mission 4 before leaving Mactan Base, Mission 5 before you leave Planet Cambridge, Mission 6 on Battleship Hood after Dexter Hovis tells you to go to Mining Station Glorious to find Professor Roland Quintaine and finally Mission 7 before fleeing Planet Leeds and Bretonia fearing for your lives and your artefact. It is also advisable to have an empty cargo hold (or at least leave 15 spaces) prior to the other missions to make way for occasional drops of H-fuel, Scrap Metal, Oxygen, Water or Food Rations.

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