Hamburg system

Hamburg system

Birthplace of the Unioner movement, the Hamburg system orbits a medium white star. Bordering Liberty space through both the Bering and Hudson systems, Hamburg is the primary contact point between Republican Shipping and other foreign shipping concerns.

The system also houses one of the most dreaded prisons, Vierlande, which is the subject of frequent attacks from Red Hessians, Unioners, and even Bundschuh, attempting to free captured comrades.

Planets Edit

Planet Hamburg Edit

Planet Hamburg

Planet Hamburg

Despite its forbidding cold and gray skies, Hamburg is a cosmopolitan environment of suits, traders, dock workers, security and freelancers. Hamburg is the place to go if you want to bug something in Rheinland space, hire a Bounty Hunter, or maybe just hear a rumor; however, Republican Shipping levies a tariff on all transactions for the continuing maintenance of facilities both planetside and in orbit.

Planet Hannover Edit

Planet Hannover

Planet Hannover

A medium-sized gas giant whose upper layers are mostly composed of frozen methane. The vast bulk of Hannover often blocks the light of the sun from reaching the dark cells of the orbiting Vierlande Prison.

Planet Kiel Edit

A sterile, frozen world located at the periphery of the Hamburg ice fields. The Battleship Westfalen is usually stationed in nearby orbit.


Altona Station Edit

Altona Station

Altona Station

Altona Station is the primary point of contact between Republican Shipping and other foreign shipping concerns. Once bustling withs shipping traffic from Liberty, Altona has become substantially less busy as Liberty shipping companies have begun shipping Food directly from the Stuttgart system to Liberty.

Alster Shipyard Edit

Alster Shipyard

Alster Shipyard

Constructed by Republican Shipping, the Alster Shipyard specializes in the construction of freight ships and transports; however, Alster is most well known as the birthplace of the Unioner movement. After the economic collapse and the ensuing Popular Revolution, the Unioners became increasingly radicalized until they were added to the official list of terrorist factions. While the Alster Shipyards continues to operate, Republican Shipping -- in conjunction with the Rheinland Federal Police -- is believed to have purged most of the Unioners from the facility.

Battleship Westfalen Edit

Battleship Westfalen

Battleship Westfalen

The sole remaining ship in the once grand Rheinland Navy, the Battleship Westfalen, is tasked with preventing the spread of pirates into Rheinland space and dealing with attacks by Unioner terrorists. In the past the Westfalen also assisted in preventing breakouts from nearby Vierlande Prison.

Lübeck Border Station Edit

Lubeck Border Station

Lübeck Border Station with the New Berlin Jump Gate

Lübeck Border Station is the command center for the Rheinland Federal Police in the Hamburg system. The Federal Police is tasked with handling the interdiction of all illegal activity in the area, including drugs, smuggling, and pirate activity.

Vierlande Prison Edit

Vierlande Prison

Vierlande Prison

When the unpleasant necessity of protecting the fledgling Rheinland Republic required the construction of a special prison for handling violent radicals, the Vierlande Prison was stationed in Hamburg in 715 AS. Its extreme isolation and lack of appreciable sunlight make it one of the more dreaded destinations for captured Red Hessians, Unioners, and other criminals. Sentences are almost always for life.

Jump Gates/HolesEdit

Wrecks Edit


Fields Edit

Alsterfield Edit

A medium rock asteroid field. Commercial surveys have detected no mineral resources of value. Unioners often mount attacks on the Alster Shipyard from here.

Keilfeld Edit

Small rock asteroid field. Commercial surveys have detected no mineral resources of value.

Nordheide Edit

Medium rock asteroid field. The field has no legitimate commercial use, but it has become a haven for Unioner terrorists who commit frequent strikes against traffic around Altona Station and the adjoining Trade Lanes.

Südheide Edit

Small rock asteroid field. Its lack of any resources left it virtually ignored until Vierlande Prison was constructed close by. Now "the Sud" is used by Red Hessians, Unioners, and even Bundschuh to launch attacks against prison convoys and Vierlande itself in an effort to free their captive comrades.

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