Heavy Fighter is a class of pilotable ships in the Sirius Sector.


A Heavy Fighter is known by the fact that it can mount five or six weapons, a torpedo launcher, and sometimes a turret. This allows for versatility in combat, with the potential for significant damage against capital ships provided by a torpedo launcher.

When compared with a light fighter of similar level, a heavy fighter usually costs more money, and may be less agile. This means that it is somewhat demanding to engage in a dogfight. Instead, a pilot is advised to utilise momentum and superior firepower to defeat opponents.

House Militaries utilize Heavy Fighters, and can be purchased at any House Battleship. Civilian Heavy Fighters are purchasable on Rheinland planets, and are sometimes used by Corporations in Rheinland and the nearby borderworlds. Almost all pirate factions and some terrorists fly heavy fighters, commonly in the independent and border worlds.

Heavy Fighters by RankEdit

Lvl Mfr. Ship Name Guns/Max Class Batt/Bots Energy Cap Charge Turn Hold Price
2 Liberty Defender x5/1, Class 4 14/14 1,500 157 1.25 30 $12,260
8 Bretonia Crusader x6/0, Class 5 20/20 2,400 245 1.04 35 $35,350
13 Pirate Wolfhound x5/1, Class 6 26/26 3,400 345 1.04 40 $71,210
13 Kusari Dragon x6/0, Class 6 26/26 3,400 345 1.04 40 $71,210
13 Hunters Barracuda x6/0, Class 6 26/26 3,400 345 1.34 45 $71,210
20 Border Stiletto x6/0, Class 7 33/33 4,700 465 1.04 45 $143,110
22 Rheinland Valkyrie x5/1, Class 8 38/38 5,400 545 1.04 50 $202,880
24 Civilian Falcon x5/1, Class 8 43/43 6,400 645 1.34 60 $257,880
28 Corsairs Centurion x6/0, Class 9 55/55 8,900 890 1.04 45 $441,550


Depending on the builder and the ship type, the configuration could be 5 guns and a turret, or simply 6 guns. On top of these, the cruise disruptor mount is alternately a torpedo mount. This means that these fighters can also utilize torpedos for additional firepower.

List of Known Heavy FightersEdit

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