Located in Kusari space, the Hokkaido system has dense scanner-blocking clouds and a toxic radiation pocket that rings the Hokkaido sun. The clouds in the system, mainly the Kayo Cloud, contain fields of H-Fuel. Samura Industries have set up a lucrative gas mining operation in Hokkaido to make up for losing the Gas Miners Guild to Kishiro. A jump gate to Chugoku is currently being built in the north end of the system, which has raised the ire of the Blood Dragons, who have already made their home in the system at Kyoto. The jump gate construction site is closely guarded by the Kusari Naval Forces from the Battleship Matsumoto, though the military presence has not deterred the Blood Dragon attacks at the least. Hokkaido is also home of the Golden Chrysanthemums, an all-female terrorist group allied to the Blood Dragons. Dragons often launch attacks against the Chugoku Gate Construction Site from the GC headquarters of Ainu Depot.




Connecting Jump GatesEdit

Connecting Jump HolesEdit

Corporations/House ForcesEdit



  • 3 Kusari Naval Fighters - 3C (2 x Sunfury 2 + 2 x Scrambler 2 + 2 x Disinfector 1)
  • James Morrel transport - 4F (Gate/Lane Parts)


"The ship Thomas Morrel was transporting Trade Lane Parts to the Chugoku Gate construction site. Shortly after crossing the Kyofu Gap, it was attacked by Blood Dragons. The disabled Morrel drifted into an area of the Unyo Cloud perilously close to the gap. Several of the containers were offloaded to smaller ships before a radiation storm forced the salvage crew to abandon the area. Upon their return, the ship had disappeared." - George Oldman, Deep Space Engineering, Sapporo Station

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