Independent Factions are generally pirates or interstellar corporations. Two exceptions are the Bounty Hunters Guild, a group of mercenary criminal-hunters, and the Junkers, a group of semi-legitimate criminals.

Lawful Independent CorporationsEdit

Neutral Independent FactionsEdit

Criminal Independent FactionsEdit

While the Outcasts and Corsairs could be considered "independent" pirate organizations in their own right, the Outcasts have organized subordinate organizations to assist them in Cardamine smuggling, including the Liberty Rogues, Lane Hackers and Golden Chrysanthemums. The Corsairs, for their part, have co-opted the Hogosha (and to a lesser degree the Junkers) to allow them to smuggle their Artifacts into House space. Therefore, the Hispania Factions could be more accurately described as Kingpins than Independents.

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