The Independent Miners Guild (IMG) is a loose confederation of miners who work those fields that have thus far remained undeveloped by the larger mining companies.

Sometimes, they have confrontations with other mining companies like Bretonia Mining and Metals and with criminal forces like the Outcasts.


Faction StandingEdit


MINING IN THE BLOOD: THE HOOD -- The IMG miners, who operate the Hood, get along well with the Mollys, who purchase most of their supplies from the merchants aboard the derelict battleship. Both groups are miners, and though the Mollys have no true allies, the IMG probably come the closest. The IMG are Molly sympathizers, though they have chosen not to criminalize themselves within Bretonia. Like the Mollys, many IMG are former BMM employees, and both groups share a mutual and understandable hatred for the oppressive Bretonian Mining firm.

RED HESSIANS ACCEPT FELLOW MINERS: FREISTADT -- Though it has been a long time since the Red Hessians were exclusively miners, they can still apreciate the work that the IMG does to operate independently of corporate and House control in Sirius. Red Hessians and IMG conduct business at the IMG base Freistadt in Omega-7, where they trade Commodities of all kinds from basic supplies to engines. Historically a Bretonian organization, Rheinland miners flocked to the IMG after the 80 Years War, and the common ancestry between the two groups is not overlooked by either faction.

COMPANIES CLASH IN DOCKING DISPUTE: HOLMAN OUTPOST -- The IMG-owned Holman Outpost in Tau-31 was the site of an angry confrontation between IMG and BMM personnel this week. An inbound BMM freighter from Tau-23 had to make an emergency docking after being damaged during an Outcast attack. Docking control, underestimating the seriousness of the damage to the BMM vessel, did not allow the crippled ship to land for two hours, claiming that its bay was full. Only when the pressurization system began to fail on the BMM vessel did the controllers realize the gravity of the situation. A brawl erupted between the BMM crew and IMG dock workers when the crew emerged from their ship.

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