President Jacobi

President Barbara Jacobi is the democratically-elected head of the Liberty government in the single-player storyline of Freelancer.

Early in the game, Rheinland's Admiral Schultzky is arriving at Newark Station to meet with Jacobi, but his ship, the Rheinland Cruiser Donau, is attacked and destroyed by Order fighters over Planet Manhattan. The lead pilot is heard to claim the admiral is a traitor, and that the operatives are coming to protect President Jacobi by destroying Schultzky and his ship.

Subsequently, it is Jacobi who declares Artifacts to be contraband in all Liberty systems. Freelancer Edison Trent and Liberty Security Force officer Jun'ko Zane are framed as Artifact smugglers and forced to flee to Bretonia.

Later in the storyline, Rheinland Chancellor Florian Gustav Niemann abducts Jacobi and brings her to the top-secret Alaska system. Order forces, backed by the battleship Osiris intervene, break through enemy lines, and rescue Jacobi. It is revealed that both Niemann and Schultzky had come under the influence of Nomads and were seeking to infect Jacobi in turn.

After the removal of the Nomads from the Sirius Sector, Jacobi grants a full pardon to both Trent and Zane.

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