The Javelin Missile family has one major theme: hit the target as hard as you can with one big missile. Javelin missiles are not as smart and do not turn as fast as the Stalker family, but do a lot more damage. All Javelin family missiles have a refire rate of 0.5, or one shot every other second.

Javelin Family Missiles by ClassEdit

J63 "Javelin" Missile Launcher - Class 1Edit

The Javelin Missile launcher's main attribute is its stalwart reliability; delivering a punishing payload accurately and effectively. This and its relatively inexpensive cost make the Javelin a welcome addition to any arsenal.

  • Requires Javelin Missile
  • Price - $500
  • Ammo Cost/Shot - $25/ea.
  • Hull Damage - 489
  • Shield Damage - 244

S-2 "Slingshot" Missile Launcher - Class 3Edit

Based on the original Javelin design, the Slingshot Missile Launcher delivers more firepower in the same compact casing. Though it is slightly more expensive, the reformulated payload of its missiles provides a significant advantage in all offensive and defensive situations.

  • Requires Slingshot Missile
  • Price - $1,830
  • Ammo Cost/Shot - $91/ea.
  • Hull Damage - 747
  • Shield Damage - 373

C82b "Catapult" Missile Launcher - Class 5Edit

Designed to deliver the maximum damage to the target, the Catapult Missile Launcher has distinguished itself repeatedly in armed combat situations. With its missiles having greater payload capacity and more sophisticated flight dynamics, this launcher is considered by many to be the premiere in ballistic weaponry.

  • Requires Catapult Missile
  • Price - $7,460
  • Ammo Cost/Shot - $373/ea.
  • Hull Damage - 1,212
  • Shield Damage - 606

T4-2 "Lancer" Missile Launcher - Class 7Edit

In terms of cost verses damage potential, the Lancer Missile launcher is considered by many to be "the weapon of choice". Though its missiles have only moderate tracking abilities, this perceived drawback is more than overshadowed by its enormous payload capacity.

  • Requires Lancer Missile
  • Price - $24,790
  • Ammo Cost/Shot - $1,239/ea.
  • Hull Damage - 2,091
  • Shield Damage - 1,045

C242 "Cannonball" Missile Launcher - Class 9Edit

Delivering the most powerful destructive potential available in this category, the Cannonball's damage rating is only surpassed only by that of a torpedo. Originally formulated from demolitions research in asteroid mining, the Cannonball is now a standard loadout for military assault craft.

  • Requires Cannonball Missile
  • Price - $120,480
  • Ammo Cost/Shot - $6,024/ea.
  • Hull Damage - 4,890
  • Shield Damage - 2,445

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