Jonner & Blix

Jonner and Blix

Jonner and Blix are a pair of agents Trent meets on Planet New Berlin in the course of Mission 10 while trying to locate Herr Von Claussen. After Trent is advised that Von Claussen's safe house has been penetrated, Trent goes looking in the bar, and is approached by Jonner, who poses as a fortune teller or soothsayer to maintain his cover. After Trent initially brushes off Jonner's offers to have his future read, help him contact the dearly departed, or help him find someone, Jonner remarks that "Mr. Blix is never wrong about these things; he says you're looking for someone," and whispers Von Claussen's name, finally getting Trent's attention.

Jonner the "Listener"Edit

Jonner says he was "gifted as a listener"; however, it seems that he's more of a mouthpiece for the team. As Blix never says anything, it is possible that Jonner is referring to the ability to receive telepathic messages, or even listen to people's surface thoughts. More likely, Jonner is a simply a capable spy, and is referring to his profession euphemistically. As there is no explicit mention of psychic powers in Freelancer, the question is open to speculation.

Blix Possessed by a Nomad?Edit


Blix displays his powers

Blix closes his eyes and makes a purple light in a crystalline object (an Artifact?) between his hands while making strange sounds, much like Tekagi did when he encountered Trent on Tekagi's Arch in Mission 9. However, Blix doesn't attempt to infect Trent, and the information provided is accurate. As such, it could be that Blix is hosting a rogue Nomad that has sided with Humanity. It is also possible that Blix is a human who somehow has psychokinetic powers, or uses an active Dom'Kavash artifact. Given Herr Von Claussen's later comment about reading Trent's thoughts, he is obviously not simply faking.

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