Michael King

Michael King is one of the main protagonists of the storyline, second in command to Jun'ko Zane, and a member of the Liberty Security Force. King is the first NPC wingman the player flies with, and walks the player through the first tutorial missions. He helps Jun'ko and Trent to escape from Liberty and stays behind in Liberty space with Walker. Gruff and tough in an endearing older brother kind of way, King rejoins the player in several other story missions throughout the game.

Rumors About KingEdit

"Rumor has it that you're the guy who's flying for the LSF to Pittsburgh. You're gonna be flying with Michael King. Consider yourself lucky. He's one of the best pilots the LSF has around here. He'll increase your chances to make it to Pittsburgh alive. Good luck, Freelancer." - Lt. Evan Brandt, Liberty Navy, Planet Manhattan

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