Kress 02

Colonel Kress

Kress is a Colonel in the Order, and appears to be of Rheinland descent, based on his accent. Kress sends Razor Wing to assist Trent, Juni, Sinclair and Quintaine during Mission 7 when they are intercepted by a Rheinland Fleet led by the Battleship Schiller in the Tau 29 system. Kress meets our heroes on Cali Base, where he is a "guest" of the Outcasts.

Kress is very polite, and seems to appreciate the art of euphemism, referring to an edgy Trent pointing a gun in his bodyguard's face as "protection" and a raid to acquire the Proteus Tome as "liberation". Kress is obviously withholding much, but seems to be a pretty fair guy overall. He appears somewhat amused by Trent's distrust, likely due to his experience in the Order.

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