Home of the Blood Dragons. The Blood Dragons are a terrorist organization supposedly descended from the royal guard of Shogun Hideyoshi -- deposed during a coup several centuries before -- and are dedicated to the overthrow of the current Kusari government.

Faction HistoryEdit

The history of the Blood Dragons goes back to the fourth century. The founding members of the group were the Shogun’s Royal Guard during the Hideyoshi family dynasty. In a bloody coup during the celebration of the revived Sakura festival in 321 AS, the Shogun was surrounded in the palace by Samura-backed elements of the military and asked to surrender, along with the Royal Guard. The Shogun, humiliated by the shame he had brought his family, committed suicide. The guards, headed by Kozue Okamura, did not acquiesce so easily. In a bloody battle, they fought their way out of the palace and retreated into the darkness of northern Kusari space. Here they regrouped and began a long guerrilla campaign aimed at overthrowing the Samura-controlled Kusari government

The Blood Dragons are a tight group who hold the sympathy and support of individuals in the highest levels of Kusari government. They periodically launch surgical strikes and commando raids from their Kyoto base designed to destabilize the current government to the point where sympathetic officials could potentially seize power. Blood Dragons prefer to target Samura and Kusari Naval Forces bases and ships, although they occasionally attack other House shippers for supplies.

The group is loosely allied with the Golden Chrysanthemums, who provide refuge and a forward tactical base for assault crews in the Hokkaido system. The Golden C. also provide many of the essential Commodities that the Blood Dragons need, a critical function given the complete lack of Blood Dragon landing rights within the rest of Kusari space. The Chugoku Gate construction is viewed as a direct threat to the continued survival of the group.


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Mine Dispensers For SaleEdit

  • Driller Mine
  • Razor Mine
  • Tadpole Mine
  • Wardog Mine

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  • Advanced Thruster


"It has been difficult to voice our opinion in Kusari, as the Hogosha apply pressure to anyone in the media who dares report anything favorably about us. The Hogosha are merely following Samura's orders." - Kyoto Bartender Umakai Marusa

"We coordinate all our attacks in Kusari space from here. There are Jump Holes to Honshu and Hokkaido just south of our base here. From Hokkaido, we can access Kyushu and Shikoku. You can reach Tokyo using either route." - Naoko Shimizu, Blood Dragons

"The GMG has been invaluable in providing financial assistance and training to the Blood Dragons. At first they were reluctant, but once the government forced them to pay a reparation tax for the 80-Years Wars, they changed their minds." - Tadashi Hashimoto, Blood Dragons

"The Fugaku was lost in a raid on the Kansai Research Center within the Hiyo Cloud. The fighter became entangled in the mine field during the attack, and the pilot was killed. It eventually drifted off into the cloud. No one has seen it since." - Yuji Matsumoto, Blood Dragons

"Things are more complicated than they seem in Kusari. Samura would have you believe that we are nothing more than common criminals trying to destroy the Kusari way of life. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many of our secret friends in the government have quietly amassed power in the shadow of the corrupt bureaucrats that feast at Samura's table. Our day will arrive soon." - Kyoto Bartender Umakai Marusa

"Samura's plan was to open Hokkaido to gas mining in order to compete with the GMG, a partner whom they have exploited for centuries. I assure you that Hokkaido will not be a good place for Samura to do business for many years to come. The GMG will make sure of that." - Reiko Abe, Blood Dragons

"We prefer to attack installations and Samura-owned transports rather than raid foreign shipping, which does not help our cause. Unfortunately, sometimes we must obtain supplies. The Golden Chrysanthemums are not nearly as discriminating, which has created a publicity problem for us, since they are perceived by the press as our allies." - Yuji Matsumoto, Blood Dragons

"Our movement is very old, dating back to the Sakura Coup in 321 AS. On that fateful day the Shogun Hideyoshi was toppled by the military, which was backed by Samura. Our ancestors were the Shogun's royal guards. They fought bravely but fled the palace when it was clear that Samura had won the day. The Blood Dragons were thus born, a group dedicated to cleansing the cancer of Samura from Kusari once and for all." - Kyoto Bartender Umakai Marusa

"The Golden Chrysanthemums are a bit unorthodox in their methods, but share our vision of a new Kusari. We do not espouse their heavy use of Cardamine, however. That drug is evil, and will prove their undoing." - Tadashi Hashimoto, Blood Dragons

"Welcome to our end of the world. I hope you brought supplies with you. We always need Food and Pharmaceuticals. Side Arms are also prized. An unarmed warrior does not garner much respect in this bar." - Tomoko Yamaguchi

"One day we hope to return to Tokyo victorious after almost five centuries in hiding. Until that moment, we must suffer on this lonely and crowded rock, patiently waiting for our foes to make the fatal mistake." - Reiko Abe, Blood Dragons

"The battle of the Chugoku Gate has been a long and bloody one. We have lost many of our warriors to the Naval Forces. But they are tiring, while we grow stronger every day with new recruits from the disenchanted youth of Kusari, yearning for a better future for our people." - Tomoko Yamaguchi

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