The Magellan system connects Liberty and Bretonia. There is a Lane Hackers' base in the system, so their activity here is quite high. The Independent Miners Guild also estabilished a base here, Freeport 4.




Freeport 4Edit

Freeport 4 was originally a Bretonian station that was abandoned but later reopened by unemployed miners from New London. The miners eventually joined the Independent Mining Guild (IMG) and declared the station a Freeport, open to all. The population largely subsists on whatever income it can manage by selling Water and ice to the IMG, freelancers, or anyone else who has the credits, and by repairing the odd commercial transport damaged by asteroids or pirate raids.

Mactan BaseEdit

Home of the Lane Hackers who departed from Ageira Technologies rather acrimoniously in 750 AS.

Jump Gates/HolesEdit


Bradley (C7)Edit

The Universal Shipping transport Bradley. It was reported missing yesterday. The cargo manifest lists Trade Lane Parts.


The BarrierEdit

An outcropping of the Barrier, a massive cloud of ice crystals. The scattering effect of the crystals provides excellent concealment for Lane Hackers to attack the traffic passing between Bretonia and Liberty. Liberty Navy patrols have been increased, but with little effect.

Wendell Ice FieldEdit

A huge field of ice asteroids. Wendell is currently being mined for its abundant quantities of Water and Oxygen by members of the Independent Mining Guild (IMG) stationed aboard Freeport 4.

System MapEdit


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