Mining Station Glorious

Mining Station Glorious floats in the Hood Asteroid Field

The Glorious is an abandoned mining station in the Dublin system. Located in the Hood Asteroid Field, it is inaccessible after Mission 6 during the Single Player Plot. Professor Roland Quintaine takes refuge here sometime after the destruction of Freeport 7; it's up to Trent to retrieve him so the Professor can help Doctor Sinclair decipher the writings on the Dom'Kavash Artifact.

Glorious Map Location

The location of the Glorious

It appears that the model for the Glorious was "borrowed" from the Gas Miners Guild Nostromo-class stations. Dexter Hovis indicates that the base itself was "borrowed" by its current inhabitants. In any case, the Glorious largely represents another base whose sole purpose is to allow you to rearm and reload before pushing on through the plot. Unfortunately, it seems that the Glorious is not nearly as well stocked as Baxter Research Station was. No commodities are sold on this base, nor does its bar have any patrons in it.

In light of the fact that the weapons sold here are subpar, and there's no bar or commodities trader, the Glorious acts as a glorified Gas Station Quik Mart, a stopover on the highway of the Single Player Plot.

Guns for SaleEdit

Turrets for SaleEdit

Missiles for SaleEdit

Shields for SaleEdit

Torpedoes / Cruise Disruptors for SaleEdit

Mine Droppers for SaleEdit

  • Seeker Mine
  • Wardog Mine
  • Razor Mine
  • Tadpole Mine

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