In Mission 11, you head out with Juni, King and Walker to the top secret Alaska system in Liberty space to rescue President Jacobi from the Nomads. This system cannot be accessed after the single player campaign, as it is full of Nomads. It is recommended that one uses the Anubis for this mission, as throughout the mission you will be outgunned and outnumbered by Liberty Navy ships wielding class 7 Nomad Prototypes.

The Mission starts when Juni, Trent and King are sent by Orillion to Buffalo Base, in the Badlands of New York. Here they meet up with Walker, upon learning that he did indeed survive (as many, especially Juni, believed him dead) and that the Liberty Rouges, along with other pirate factions, have been sheltering the remaining LSF and Navy pilots who oppose the Nomads. From Buffalo Base, Trent, Juni, King and some other LSF fighters head to the New York Jump Hole, which is conveniently near Buffalo, which takes them closer to Zone-21. Trent, Juni and King then attack a satellite that can detect cloaked ships, which prevents the Osiris from operating within New York while the remaining fighters attempt to draw the Nomad-controlled Liberty Navy fighters away from the satellite.

Once the satellite and remaining fighters have been destroyed, the group then head into Zone-21 proper through an opening in the surrounding minefield. Once they reach the jumpgate to the Alaska system, Juni tries to enter a code given to her by Orillion, but is slowed down by the software defences of the gate. As she does this, the player must help King and other friendly LSF ships hold back several Navy attacks on the gate as they attempt to stop the Order from infiltrating the Alaska system.

~Not yet finished, will continue asap. Hallipotniks~

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