A Rogue base. Rogues are known associates of petty criminals and are believed to be involved in the trade of illegal drug trafficking.


Montezuma is a Liberty Rogues base in the Cortez system. The base is situated in an ice asteroid field in the southern end of the system. The Rogues use this base to mount attacks on the trade lanes leading to the California and Manchester jump gates. Lane Hackers frequently stop by Montezuma to pick up supplies for their base in Magellan.


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Mine Dispensers For SaleEdit

  • Razor Mine
  • Seeker Mine
  • Tadpole Mine
  • Wardog Mine


LANE HACKER INFORMATION PAYS OFF: MONTEZUMA -- The intelligence purchased from Lane Hackers has more than paid for itself within the past several months in Cortez. Looted Luxury Goods shipments from New York have been earning the majority of the money at the base. Once the cargo is acquired, Rogue smugglers make their way back to New York, where the goods are fenced to the Junkers at excellent prices. Unfortunately, this lucrative cycle may be nearing its end, since the Luxury Goods shipments are entering the system with more and more escorts. Soon they will not be worth the price paid in pilots and ships.

FIGHT LIKE THE OUTCASTS: MONTEZUMA -- Rogue leaders aboard Dawson are attempting to convince Outcast smugglers on their way into Liberty space to train our own pilots. This initiative was created at the Rogue Chief meetings held in California recently. If the Outcasts are willing to share their knowledge of combat, gunnery, and piloting in return for favors and money, Rogue combat effectiveness should skyrocket. As of yet no Outcasts have been wiling, but leaders remain optimistic that an arrangement can be made.


"Our base is fairly well hidden here in the Corcovado. It's useful to know that there is a Jump Hole into Magellan in this ice cloud, too. From Magellan there's a Jump Hole to Manchester, so you can cross into Bretonia space unscanned if you need to." - Montezuma Bartender Nathan Sheldon

"When we head to Alcatraz to deliver Gold, we pick up Side Arms to bring back here. That way our esteemed guests can haul weaponry to the far edges of Sirius." - Montezuma Bartender Nathan Sheldon

"We mainly use Montezuma as a forward tactical base to stage attacks on Trade Lanes in Cortez via the Jump Hole into California. We prefer the safety of the Barrier Clouds, wheras the Rogues will attack almost anywhere." - Truett Cate, Lane Hackers

"The Gold we get from the Lane Hackers is shipped to Alcatraz. Eventually it will make its way into New York." - Arvee Garde, Liberty Rogues

"This base requires that all of its supplies come in from the IMG at Freeport 4. We bring Water, H-Fuel, Oxygen, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Engine Components, and Consumer Goods from there." - Samuel Jackson, Liberty Rogues

"We juice up on much of the Cardamine that the Outcasts bring here. They take the rest with them as they go into Liberty, or we send it to ourselves to pay for what we use. From here we ship Cardamine to Buffalo, Alcatraz, and Beaumont." - Andre Garcia, Liberty Rogues

"There's a Jump Hole into California in the Paloma Ice Clouds just south of the Jump Gate. If you're trying to move some illegals and wanna stay clean of the scans, then that's the way to get into California." - Montezuma Bartender Nathan Sheldon

"A lot of money flows into this system from Liberty and Bretonia. All the Manhattanites come to Curacao to drink and snob it up. Sometimes their luxury transports don't always make it. And we are happy to lift the Commodities between the two houses that cross our paths." - Montezuma Bartender Nathan Sheldon

"I love seeing the Outcast ship landing on this base. Some folks get so excited when he drops the inbound call that they fly out to meet him. Once one of our greeters blew the Outcast's cover and put a couple of Bounty Hunters on him. When the mask breather was done smoking the two Hunters, he vaped the poor kid, too. Things got worse when he landed." - Andre Garcia, Liberty Rogues

"Things got a little frosty around here last week. An Outcast killed one of ours for accidentally alerting some Bounty Hunters to his location. When the Outcast landed, the kid's best friend stood up to the masker. The Outcast, without saying a word, pulled a Detroit Pocket Cannon and blew him in half." - Arvee Garde, Liberty Rogues

"I'm heading out to Beaumont, the pit of Texas, to deliver another load of Liberty's poison. It was a long journey from Cali. These Rogues are scum, but they perform an essential duty for us -- at least for now." - Tuesday Frase, Outcasts

"I'm making the quick hop to Alcatraz tomorrow with a small payload of drugs. They've got Cardamine sleep chambers at the base here for itinerants like me. Not bad for an icy rock in the middle of nowhere." - Tuesday Frase, Outcasts

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